Battery Wireless Scaffolding Alarm CCTV Hire

Here at Falconbridge Site Security Ltd we are always looking for new technology, how our clients can benefit from the products we source for hire. This leads me on to our RSI Videofied, remotely monitored security system; fighting against intrusion & thefts from remote and powerless locations, site compounds, heritage projects and scaffolding structures where power on site is not available or easily accessed.

The security industry approved system is powered by the latest lithium battery technology which can last up to 2 years and all the devices on the system are wireless, meeting NCP 115 by NSI & SSAIB scaffold alarm accreditations. This gives immediate benefits for the remote environment, no wires running internally or externally and no mains power source is required for operation.

The system incorporates a device which we call a MotionViewer, these can be located accordingly on the project overlooking the sensitive, storage and working areas that could be targeted. The MotionViewer incorporates a Motion Detection Device with a 90 degree horizontal detection angle and creep zone, mini colour CCTV camera with night vision to 14m, again wireless, are lithium battery powered and tamper proof with internal switches and gyroscopic sensor to protect against tamper.

When the system is armed and an activation occurs via the motion detector, the internal CCTV camera switches on and starts to record for up to 10 seconds and with a slight delay the wireless Sounder/Strobe is activated. As the camera is recording the footage it is streamed to a wireless control panel which simultaneously uploads via the GSM network to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), alerting them of the intrusion/detection or direct to a PC internet browser or smart device with the installed application.

The ARC or key holder then confirm the activation and alert the relevant key holders for the site or manned response for attendance if this has been requested. The video clip is also available for download to assist in the identification and evidence, for the Police and insurance company (Ecclesiastical & Industry Approved System).

Arming and Disarming of the system can be done via a wireless LCD keypad or FOB entry/exit or both. The system can allow up to 25 devices, control panel, siren/strobe and LCD Keypad or FOB leaving the ability to run 22 motion viewer’s!