Scaffolding Lighting

At Falconbridge Site Security we pride ourselves on the protection and safety we provide to our clients’ sites, the workforces on them and members of the public, across the UK.
With the latest scaffold lighting systems, supported by market-leading technology, we ensure that the work and property of businesses throughout the UK are as well-lit and secure as possible. Our site security services are sure to cover your property and offer you improved safety from external threats.

Floodlights are a powerful addition for extra security when used in conjunction with our scaffold or site security systems, or alternatively as a standalone security feature or deterrent, providing you with the ability to light up a working area and make sure everyone is able to see what is around them. Without this lighting there is the potential for injury to anyone within proximity to the work or on the scaffolding itself.

This lighting, when expertly located, gives maximum protection to each environment. We provide 30W 3600LM 6500K Daylight LED floodlights that run off a 110v transformer wired with yellow arctic cable and commando connection fittings. Their transformers range from 1.5kva to 5kva.

Falconbridge Site Security provides the perfect scaffolding lighting solution to your site, supplied and installed by our own engineers. All scaffold lighting supplied by us to any property is correctly suited to the job and there is no site security job that is too big or too complex.

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