Wired CCTV

Falconbridge Site Security Ltd are providers of construction & demolition site CCTV security systems, providing 24hrs a day high quality video recording and out of hours monitoring by a leading remote monitoring station. This is a low cost and more effective alternative to manned guards, not only providing video evidence of the event but the system cannot be open to corruption and fraud.

CCTV and Site Security services from Falconbridge are one of the best in the field, not only do we offer high end equipment and installation from our specialist CSCS qualified engineers but also one of the best providers of customer service and reporting to back it up!

Wired CCTV Advantages

Remotely view your site using many platforms including Desktop PC, Smart Phone or Tablet to see how the work is progressing. Windows, Mac, Iphone and Android systems all supported.

Health & Safety - Any accidents on site, it’s all recorded to the DVR server (Digital Video Recorder) and can be remotely played back and retrieved for evidence and future training.

Security - You can have the CCTV remotely monitored by our Class II ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre), any out of hours activation’s/triggered events immediately received by the ARC. They then access the site to confirm intrusion, the ARC then warn the intruders using the onsite PA system simultaneously contacting designated key holders and also the police.