Hoarding Lighting

At Falconbridge Site Security we pride ourselves on the protection and safety we provide to our clients’ sites, the workforces on them and members of the public, across the UK.
Hoarding must be sufficiently lit between the official hours of darkness (half an hour before sunset to half an hour before sunrise). This also includes times when visibility may be reduced, for example during bad weather such as heavy fog.

During the winter months, lighting becomes even more important due to the dark, wet weather and related reduced visibility. Hoarding lighting helps to improve visibility for pedestrians, and reduces safety risks during the hours of darkness and can also act as a deterrent against intrusion as well as making an area feel safer at night.

Falconbridge Site Security provides the perfect hoarding lighting solution to your site, supplied and installed by our own engineers. All hoarding lighting supplied by us to any property is correctly suited to the job and there is no hoarding lighting job that is too big or too complex.

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