Wired Scaffolding Alarm Hire

Falconbridge Site Security’s wired scaffolding alarms for hire utilise intelligent quad/dual AIR beams or dual passive infra red detectors. All sensors meet the requirements of the department of Trade and Industry and comply with BS EN 500822:1995, together with PR ETS330-683:11 95 and all subsequent revisions. Equipment meets NCP115 specification by NSI, SSAIB for scaffolding alarms & insurance approved.

The field of protection shall cover generally first boarded lift or the access/area’s intended to be secured and shall detect only human intrusion. The sensor technology shall ignore birds, cats and other small animals.

The performance of the sensors are capable of intruder detection up to 200m line of sight, but cannot penetrate the building line, interfere with site equipment or be adversely affected by normal pedestrian or traffic movement, vibration, wind, fall leaves, debris, heavy rain, hail, fog, snow, ice, dust, temperatures etc.

The alarm control panel is powered using a household 13A plug or fused spare if one is made available, it is advised that the control panel be located internally to avoid tamper. The control panel can be located externally in an IP rated enclosure, if this is the case then the panel would be located on the scaffolding above the detection areas. The power output from the panel to the wired devices is just 12v or 24v depending on the size of the project to be secured.

Control of the system is via a LCD keypad which can be located internally or externally using IP rated enclosures.

In the event of human intrusion, the security system shall operate a local siren & strobe light and if required an interface to switch on temporary IP rated 110v LED security flood lights to illuminate the scaffolding structure.

The siren & strobe light are housed in a polycarbonate enclosure with environmental protection of not less than IP6.7 and would be attached to the scaffolding at a naturally inaccessible but prominent point inside the detection zone.

All our system’s are capable of sending a signal to a remote 24hr manned Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via CSL DigiAir or direct to designated key holders via GSM module if requested. Manned alarm response can be arranged if desired for the project.

Alarm system warning signs shall be displayed at various locations around the project.