Scaffolding CCTV Hire

CCTV on your scaffolding project gives the ability to record all activity 24/7 as well as gain remote access for live viewing from any device connected to the internet.

Having CCTV deployed on your project not only provides a high level of security but can also assist with the Health & Safety of the project.

Our CCTV systems for hire are monitored by a BS8418 & Class II remote monitoring station (ARC, Alarm Receiving Centre), this can be via a supplied dedicated 4G router or via your own broadband if available on the project.

With remote monitored CCTV a audio amplifier and P.A speakers are also installed, this gives the ARC the ability to issue audio announcements remotely to warn off any intruders that have ventured onto the scaffolding & protected areas.

As video verification of the intruders is confirmed by the ARC police response can be requested or if setup a call can be made to the mobile response unit for attendance.